Monday, 23 February 2015

Embodying Divine Grace

Over the next two years, Chiron, a celestial body discovered in 1977, is playing a pivotal role in  realigning us to our pure Cosmic blueprint.  Chiron facilitates the integration between the inner and outer, the dark and the light,  Matter and Spirit - it is the interplay of all that we hold within our bodies, muscles, bones and cells with the Cosmic energies of the Universe. 
The resonance created by the transits of Chiron is key to the integration of our reptilian/stem, animal/limbic and neo-cortex brain.  When we can bring peace, harmony and unconditional love into our mental and feeling faculties then we raise our cellular resonance and our DNA begins the process of mutating into the next level of consciousness and ultimately into a restored crystalline Elemental Body - the Ascension Body of Christ Consciousness.
This is a dynamic time, a time of clearing and cleansing the last vestiges of amnesia, so that we may awaken into the clear light of our Divine potential.    Through the last two thousand years we have held the memory, the quiet yet persistent whisper within, that we are far more that we have been led to believe.   Now as the flow of knowledge and wisdom once more returns to Planet Earth our Minds and Hearts are held in ever expanding field of Love and Grace.
The evolution of this Heart centred reality grows and develops each day and yet, and indeed because of this, we are faced each day with a stark contrast between those who are opening to embody the gifts of the Heart and those who are still held with a fear based perception of Life.   Our hearts can become saddened, laid low by all that we witness, or, they can rise in Love to hold all in a pure field of Unconditional Love no matter what is occurring on the world's stage.
Much of the escalation of unrest  that we are witnessing is linked to the current aspect of Uranus being 90 degrees apart from Pluto - the first 90 degree aspect, for this present cycle, occurring in 2012.   The breaking down of structures, the unrest and violence are simply the ways in which we, as a collective humanity, from our present level of consciousness, have elected to interpret and manifest these energies, which were seeded at the Pluto Uranus conjunction on 19th October 1965.   
We are witnessing a release of the negativity and fear that has been held in the Consciousness and Body Elemental of mankind for aeons.  The Body Elemental has been with us since the beginning of time, some might call it our Shadow as it has held all the good, the bad and the ugly as a blueprint of our thought and feelings within our etheric form on our behalf, awaiting a time when we  would individually release our fears and judgments and realign ourselves to the original pure blueprint held within our DNA.
For our DNA holds the key to our direct connection to Source, awaiting our remembrance.  'If you had to pick a place where your Higher Self is - it is in your DNA....98% of your DNA is the quantum blueprint of your Divinity'   Kryon.  
Over the next two years Chiron will be transiting through 17 - 21 degrees of Pisces.   These five degrees of the Zodiac are held in the Genetic Coding of Gene Key 22 - Divine Grace.   And coincidentally, or, of course not, 17 degrees of Pisces is directly opposite 17 degrees Virgo, which is where the Pluto Uranus conjunction took place back in October 1965.
We are being greatly assisted to raise our consciousness to understand that we need to step beyond these archaic ways of living on this planet.   Over the last few years there has been a deep clearing of the old archetypes stored within our collective group consciousness and body elemental and now with so much disruption and pain having been brought to the surface we have the opportunity to bring healing Grace into our lives to seek for resolutions that create positive change, peace and enlightenment.
So let us all be aware of these next two years and the profound potential that is being offered to
us all.   Chiron will be activating this potential through 4th March 2015 - 16th November 2015, 10th December 2015 - 7th April 2016 and 22nd September 2016 - 7th February 2017.
'Grace is the breath of the Divine.  Grace is a presence that descends on humanity and it requires that we meet it halfway, which for us humans may seem a long way.   This is after all a perfected state in which everything about you and your life will be changed permanently.  When true Grace descends it wipes out your past karma in a flash.  It also wipes out the karma of all your ancestors.   Grace softens and puts an end to fear and leaves you in no doubt about your Divinity.    If Grace touches you you no longer have your own destiny but become a musical instrument played by the Cosmos.  With Grace all human emotion is instantly transformed into Love.   Through Grace the Universe has but one single wish - for you to remember that you are Love and there is nothing in you but Love.'    The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd
Let us meet this Divine Dispensation of Grace with open hearts and clear minds, releasing our past fears and judgments through forgiveness and unconditional love becoming the embodiment of Grace in the Now.