Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Into The Ocean As One

Chiron moves into Pisces today flowing for the next eight years through the luminously fluid sea of Neptunian waters.

How are we going to embody Chiron's archetypal energy that has been dubbed 'The Wounded Healer' - what healing might take place as we journey through these next years that will lift us all beyond a sense of Wound.

To get an idea of the potential we have during these eight years, as a group and as individuals it is worthwhile looking at the chart of Chiron's entry into Pisces and the underlying belief patterns that have already been built up around this maverick cosmic energy.

Chiron breaks the rules - it does not follow Newtonian physical laws with regard to its orbital path within the Solar System - or with regard to anything else for that matter. Chiron takes us beyond physical 3D appearance and links us into other worlds - it is a gateway into the transpersonal.

Chiron is the key that links us into one unified field where Body Mind and Soul become One. Chiron's resonance bridges the physical and meta-physical realms, healing, synthesising and fusing particles of both matter and light within the physical form. Chiron opens us to experiencing life through our Hearts. It take us into an awareness way beyond personality, into the core of our essence, into all that is held within our cellular unconscious field, where countless gifts await us.

When we are living out of alignment with our true state of being - when we believe we are simply physical human beings without any sense of Spiritual/Universal connection - then Chiron transits will create disturbance and pain. So is it any wonder then that for many on the Planet - Chiron does indeed appear to wound - for so many on this Planet are deeply disassociated from the Truth of what it is to be a Human Being.

The gift Chiron offers us is to bring to light that which we have have chosen to disassociate from and to reconnect us to our true potential. Chiron is an initator into expanded consciousness - a consciousness that recognises that we are energetic/spiritual beings whose Essence/Soul cannot die and that we are all co-creators within the Universe.

All sense of separation dissolves within this greater awareness and so, through the next eight years, we have the potential to bring this awareness and truth to all that we meet. There are many Souls on the Planet now who have waited for these times, over many lifetimes. They came embodying the essence of Chiron - they are the Way Showers - The Bridgers - The Awakeners - the ones who have come to usher in a change of consciousness.

The Chart for 8th February echoes these themes - the chart holds the seed for what is to unfold over the coming eight years. At the time of Chiron's ingress into Pisces - the Sun and Mars are conjunct in Aquarius - the Sun at 19 Aquarius has as its Sabian Symbol image 'A large white dove bearing a message' - the dove symbolizes peace and over these coming years we will see, through the sustained intent, love, awareness and effort of many, Peace becoming a central focus for all on Earth. The time of wars, division and separation draw to a close - the consciousness that sustains such acts of disharmony will not be sustained.


Jupiter is in Aries - giving a strong sense of personal will, but Jupiter is also close to Uranus in Pisces which asks for this personal will to be allied to a higher Universal principle - so that each of us brings our energy, joy and enthusiasm to living in highly creative ways that support an open and beneficial society. Jupiter in Aries conjunct Uranus can also bring about great disruption.

From a mundane level, much of this energy is being expressed in Egypt at this point in time as the Egyptians have gone out onto the streets to bring about change in their society. As we watch from the sidelines we can hold the loving intent for a Society to evolve that allows all to live in peace and to express openly their individual truths, with respect and goodwill, and we will witness the level of this group consciousness as it unfolds over the next years through this ancient civilization.

This theme is the same for both individual and group consciousness - all of us will be playing our part over the coming years to create the future - Chiron asks that we lift our eyes to the far horizon and bring forth the dreams that we have carried for so long, so that they may manifest here and now on Earth. Each of us holds a part of the dream and each of us has the potential to manifest it for the benefit of all. So let's open our hearts and minds wide to this Chiron cycle through Pisces for we are being washed with the purest Consciousness, Grace and Light.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Let the Light Shine

At sunrise, on January 4th – the Moon and Sun will come together to form a partial Solar eclipse that may be be seen across much of Europe, N Africa and Central Asia. The Eclipse will occur just an hour before Jupiter and Uranus make their final conjunction in the sky

Jupiter and Uranus began this Dance in the Sky on June 8th 2010, then again on September 2010 and now finally they will be uniting their resonances at 10 am on the 4th. Jupiter and Uranus together bring about unexpected change – new ways of being - igniting flashes of inspiration and sparks of Light to cleanse, awaken and release us from past restrictions. Occurring as it does at the same time as the Solar Eclipse we can expect change – indeed WE ARE the change!!

This Jupiter Uranus triple conjunction which has been on going since June of last year has created a sense of unpredictablity - a feeling of vast potential and yet no clear direction in which to proceed. As Jupiter and Uranus are passing through the latter degrees of Pisces we can all feel as if we are at sea and the waves can create a sense of anticipation, nervousness, or excitement.

These last few months have been a training ground for being present, staying in the moment and flowing with what is.... spontaneously learning to adapt and change direction and ideas as the tides swiftly alter. personal desires and actions seem to have been put on hold for a time.

Looking at the chart for the Solar Eclipse you will see that the Sun and Moon are at 13 39 of Capricorn and they are in between the planets Mars and Pluto - this promises to bring about radical change in the way that we utilise our individual wills. Indeed with the Mars/Pluto midpoint link to the Eclipse we will need to bring our actions into an alignment with higher purpose. To clearly see that in uniting our efforts we assist each other and the whole, not only from a vibrational point of view but also practically. This energetic will also encourage a sense of purpose, focus and direction that will assist us all in utilising our own creative gifts and talents for the benefit of the whole.

In a similar way to the Lunar Eclipse chart, at the time of the Winter Solstice, the theme of co-operation is highlighted as Jupiter and Uranus are making a trine, a 120 degree angle, to Venus and this encourages new ways of co-operating and sharing our resources with each other.

Neptune conjunct Chiron in Aquarius echo this theme of co-operation - of how we need to work within a group consciousness - our need to move away from acting purely in self interest if we are to mature and to grow as a race.

The Jupiter Uranus combination has the potential to creat chaotic situations - disruptions that appear to have no benefit and yet from a larger, higher perspective, all has an underlying purpose.
Saturn at this moment in time is some 90 degrees away from both the Sun and the Moon which suggests that the changes that need to come can come in a balanced and harmonious way, that we need to practically work together.

As it is 90 degrees from the Sun and the Moon there could be tension in allowing change to occur - the more we resist change the more difficult the process becomes - however, this chart suggests that it is more about integrating whatever occurs with as little disruption as possible - with Grace and Ease. It is about holding a steady path, not throwing the baby out with the bathwater, whilst also being open to embodying change and radically new experiences.

Neptune conjunct Chiron in Aquarius echoes the theme of co-operation, individuals working as a group to assist the whole. At present Queensland Australia is a living example of coming together to assist each other during a time of crisis as the current floods have affected so many thousands. Is it by chance that in the astrological chart for when Queensland became an Independent State from NSW, in 1859, the planet Neptune, whose resonance is so linked with the Water Element, was at 27 degrees of Pisces which is where Jupiter and Uranus are right now making this final conjunction, or is there a larger pattern and design underpinning these floods which has still to flower?

From a metaphysical level - it is about being deeply Earthed and balanced so that we may embody more Light in physical form - so let us all hold a steady path, whilst also being wide open to embodying change and radically new experiences.

Just like the Light on the Peacock's feather we can Shine. The Peacock signifies new opportunity for spiritual growth and healing. The Peacock's gifts bring confidence, stature and accomplishment to the dreamer. Peacock's feathers are ringed with eyes that contain the medicine of foresight and clairvoyance. The lesson the Peacock teaches us is to watch our pride and beware of the ego. Thus, Peacock medicine encourages our ability to be truly noble, yet humble.

As we journey through 2011 may we all walk with these gifts and awareness.
Chiron into Pisces/ to follow