Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Planting the Seeds of Consciousness

Today, 14th March, we are all being bathed in a Cosmic alignment that is both healing and empowering. There are times in the Universal flow of Time when our Group Consciousness is being scanned and recorded - although this goes on all the time, some moments in time can more clearly show the state of Humanity's Group Awareness.

The energy that flows from Source is pure potential, however as it has flowed down through the Solar System over eons of time, into our own chakra systems, each of us has imbued the Energy with our own emotional and mental belief patterns, eventually clouding the pristine clarity and purity of the energy's highest potential.

The Energy that is bringing through this resonance down into our subtle bodies and auric system, today, is the aligning of Pluto Mars Venus Jupiter and Chiron held in the form of a Grand Trine/Kite within a Fixed Square.

Here is the chart of energetic Light Consciousness that will be pulsing through our Solar System - the red lines are the fixed saure and the blue the Grand Trine.

Simply put, the Grand Trine is encouraging and imbuing our personal wills/egos (Mars) to be aligned with Higher Divine Will (Pluto) and fused with the expansiveness of our Hearts (Jupiter Venus) so that we might act as conduits for true healing to occure (Neptune Chiron), not just individually, but within the Group Consciousness as a whole.

The Fixed Square links the Moon, North Node Juno to Mars SouthNode Neptune Chiron and Pallas Athena.

Again simply put, this moment in time is when our Group unconsciousnees, via the Moon, is being assessed. Each of us has the potential to assist the Group unconsciousness, through the next days, as the Moon passes through this planetry alignment, via the clarity of our own Being.

The North South Nodal Points , which are part of this planetary alignment link to a spiritual/karmic moment in time.

The degree image for the Moon, at 5.50 GMT this morning, when the alignment of Venus and Jupiter became exact, is the 'Great Pyramid and Sphinx'. From Dane Rudhyar's book this image has to do with the enduring power of occult knowledge...and of Seed-Men of a previous cycle of existence. This degree points to the greatness of a Soul's past achievements and the value of the 'Power of Spiritual Ancestry' The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx are witnesses to a Tradition and it implies that such a solid foundation is necessary, as new evolutionary developments are unfolding.

So steadiness and Centredness are the watchwords here.

Juno relates to the Sacred Marriage, to the internal balance of the Male and Female, the Yin and Yang within each individual, the Sacred Alchemy of blending opposites - this degree is asking for 'Emotional Rebirth' - a time to blend and expand our love to a level that is unconditional - seeing the Divine within our selves and others - in this way we raise the vibrational frequency of all.

Looking at 10 degrees Pisces, where Pallas Athena is - the degree image is 'Men Traveling a Narrow Path Seeking Illumination', This degree refers to the ancient and eternal symbol of the Path of Initiation. The greatness of man is that he can always be greater and the belief - deeply rooted in our inner nature - that if we fulfil the necessary conditions we will attain our higher selves, asisted by our 'Elder Brothers and Sisters'. As Dane Rudhyar says - the Path is always open to the pure in heart, the mentally aware, the conqueror of emotions and the spiritually self mobilized. The key word of this image is the Zen statement of 'Walk On'

Finally, Mars is at 9 Virgo and is the pivotal point for both the Grand Trine and the Grand Cross. The image of 9 Virgo is 'Two Heads Looking out and Beyond the Shadows' - which refers to the growth of consciousness, born out of the transcendence of duality, even while immersed in the world of duality. We are being asked to jump beyond the shadow that our mind casts upon all experiences.

At this point in time as we are transitting into a new level of Consciousness - one beyond Duality - and many blockages, sudden reversals are coming up to be cleared and cleansed - it is a time of great purification for many Souls - if we can see all that occurs as a necessary and positive realignment, then we can hold a steady foundation for this next evolutionary process that is unfolding through us all.

Indeed we do need to keep on 'Walking On' holding our dreams and knowingness in our hearts as 'Seed Men' - for this is the time to plant our Seeds of Vision Peace and Love and watch them grow through the upcoming months assisting the Group Consciousness to grow and to Flower.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Searchlight on our Consciousness

You must not let your life run in the ordinary way: do something that nobody else hase done. Yogananda
So much is being written about this year, 2012, so many thoughts, so many beliefs, but what is actually occurring in our Solar System and how might we connect into the downpouring of consciouness that is flooding into our planet at this moment in time.
Neptune, on Feb 3rd, returned once more to its natural resonance, in the sign of Pisces. It will be transiting through this energetic resonance over the next twelve years. All that is alluring, promising and ephemeral flows within this Neptunian Piscean combination - all our highest ideals, and equally, our greatest fantasies are embodied within this archetypal energetic field.
At this point in time Chiron is also in Neptune just a couple of degrees away from Neptune. The Chiron conjuction of Neptune occurred back in 2009 at 26 Aquarius, but over these next three years or so Chiron will orbit just ahead of Neptune, as if pulling and streaming our consciousness to reach out for the highest spiritual manifestation possible.
Many of our beliefs, desires and dreams will be brought into the discerning Light of Chiron. Do our beliefs and aspirations encourage and evolve our true awareness, or do they simply delude/wound us into a false sense of illusory wellbeing.
At this time of writing Jupiter is making a sixty degree anle (a sextile)to both Neptune and Chiron and so we are bare being greatly encouraged to raise our consciousness, expand our awareness and to clarify our accumulated beliefs and desires that have been handed down to us over generations.
As Uranus is travelling through Aries we will be given every opportunity to cut through any foggy dreams and illusions that have built up within our accumulated psyches. It is as if the Cosmos is saying 'Wake Up, smell the roses and live and act in the Present' - no dreaming about the past or fantasising about the future - but be clear in this moment.
This need for clarity is being really intensified with Pluto in Capricorn making a 90 degree angle (a square angle) to Uranus. Pluto and Uranus require radical solutions - they ask that we live in extra ordinary ways - that we bring our clarity and individuality to a higher purpose - one that serves the collective consciousness in a True sense.
On June 24th, just over a fortnight after Venus's transit across the Sun (a separate blog at a later date) Uranus at 8 Aries 24 will make an exact 90 degree angle to Pluto at 8 Capricorn 24 - and the need to distinguish between illusion and high ideals will be brought clearly into focus.
One of the illusions which may well surface at this time is the sense that we are in some way separate to each other - this is the greatest of all illusions - for we are all intimately interconnected within the group consciousness that we have all created and so our interdependence upon each other may well come into sharp focus at this time.
The radical shift that we need to embody is our real understanding of the Oneness of all Life and how we can communicate and interact, with this field of consciousness in ways that will benefit and evolve our perception of what it is to be a human being.
It is said that there are only two destinies for Mankind - one is to become a Divine Human Being and the other is to become a Divine Human Angel. With Neptune and Chiron passing through Pisces we have the ability to seed this evolutionary path of Divine Love. With Uranus and Pluto clearing the way, we may yet find the clarity, courage and collective will to turn the cogs of the evolutionary wheel, to Birth the next face of Human Consciousness.